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News, [views] and blues

January 26, 2007

News: A very interesting storm seems to be brewing on the GNU Public License front in the advent of GPL-3, according to CRN’s story here. Give it a good read — it may not affect software users directly, but it gives one a better understanding of the differences between free software and open source software camps, and the dynamic involved in moving free software and open source software forward.

[Me? Oh, I’m firmly behind Richard Stallman and FSF, but I’m willing to discuss it with those who disagree.]

Meanwhile, in other developments: Linux’s two most important support groups, the Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, said this week they’ll merge in February to form the Linux Foundation. It’s an acknowledgement that Linux can’t afford to divide its resources for funding, legal defense, and standards, since problems on any of those fronts could weaken the operating system’s advancement. “We will be a vendor-neutral organization capable of responding to competitors’ attacks and FUD,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director of the new foundation and former head of the Free Standards Group.

[Oh, indeed. Associate memberships range from $25 for individuals to rare-metal named memberships of $500,000.]

Blues: I’m this close to getting Linux running on my extraneous PowerBook G3 Wallstreet, but I keep getting a PEBKAC error (problem exists bewteen keyboard and chair, for those who aren’t IT guys and gals) which prevents me from joining the world of the open source OS ranks. While I get my dunce cap and make it over to the stool in the corner, I do want to thank Daniel at the Silicon Valley Linux User Group for his detailed instruction on Wednesday night that, hopefully, is still being adhered to (those parts of my notes that I can actually read) and will not go to waste.

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