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The man who marks the distros

April 17, 2007

Ladislav Bodnar is not exactly a household name. In fact, ask someone on the street who he is, and they might answer that he’s part of the recent wave of Russian hockey players to play in the NHL, or maybe he’s that Russian leader who was prime minister of the nation . . . sometime between, oh, Andropov and Putin.

But no: Bodnar, to my knowledge, has never taken a shot on goal and he has never been in the Russian legislature. Yet in GNU/Linux circles, Bodnar is far more important than he could have ever been with a hockey stick or a stump speech.

Bodnar runs DistroWatch.com, the site that — day in and day out — monitors the 350 active GNU/Linux distros, not to mention keeping an eye on the other 200 or so that are no longer active. To those of us who have a journalistic stake in getting the news about GNU/Linux to the masses, DistroWatch is a priceless gem and Bodnar is the ideal candidate for GNU/Linux sainthood.

GNU/Linux journalist Mayank Sharma interviews Bodnar on his Web site, a Q-and-A that’s definitely worth the read.

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