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The top of the crop

On the GNU/Linux train line of life, DistroWatch is Grand Central Station, Victoria Station, Potsdamer Platz and Shinjuku Station all wrapped up into one point where GNU/Linux users invariably stop, sometimes more than once (sometimes a lot more than once, in my case, since I visit DistroWatch on a daily basis).

Making its typical contribution to the cause, DistroWatch is now providing a Top Ten List of the hundreds of distros out there. No, my distro didn’t make it, but that’s okay: For the computing masses, it’s an excellent guide to what’s popular and why.

“The bewildering choice and the ever increasing number of Linux distributions can be confusing for those who are new to Linux. This is why this page was created. It lists 10 Linux distributions (plus an honourable mention of FreeBSD, by far the most popular of all of the BSDs), which are generally considered as most widely-used by Linux users around the world,” the site explains.

Despite the fact that there are no figures to back it up and there are many other distributions that might suit a user’s particular purpose better, as a general rule, all of these are popular and have very active forums or mailing lists where you can ask questions if you get stuck, it continues.

Can’t wait to see the list? Okay:

1. Ubuntu
2. OpenSUSE
3. Fedora
4. Debian GNU/Linux
5. Mandriva
6. PCLinuxOS
7. MEPIS Linux
8. Knoppix
9. Slackware
10. Gentoo
10a. (Honorable Mention) FreeBSD

[FSF Associate Member](Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher of Open Source Reporter, is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.)

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