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Sue me first, Steve

May 24, 2007

Sue me first, Microsoft — that’s Christian Einfeldt’s message on Digital Tipping Point for those of you (okay, those of us) who are tired of Microsoft’s rattling the patent sabers against FOSS. Or to put it another way, according to Christian, “Hey, Microsoft, put up or shut up!”

The list of folks lining up for litigation is pretty interesting, but my favorite is Number 130. Eric Raymond (yes, that Eric Raymond) says, “Yes, Microsoft, the guy who’s been harshing your mellow since I wrote ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’ in 1997. Linux user since 1993, so I’ve been violating your nonexistent patents for fourteen years. Sue me first. Please, oh please! Because I don’t think I’ve kicked your sorry asses enough yet, and I’d love another round with you chumps.”

Go Eric!

I got into the top thousand at 998, 23 names after Don Parris of LXer.com Linux News, trying to keep up with the other journalists in GNU/Linux land.

Even if you don’t sign up — and whether you do is up to you — the list is worth a read.

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