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Everything but the kitchen sink

Let me start off, first, by saying that I have never been to a LinuxWorld Expo before. I’ve been to a MacWorld (whether SF or Tokyo, depending on where I lived at the time) every year since the mid-’90s, but I have to say that despite LinuxWorld’s smaller size, it was a much better show.

I say this while massaging my right arm. After carrying around a bag of swag — transferred into a larger bag since the smaller bag filled up geometrically — and not to mention some informational items, it goes without saying that the, um, generosity of Linux companies is unrivaled (especially in light of the downward sprial of free stuff given out at MacWorlds for the past several years). More on this in a moment.

Most — if not all — the vendors (especially the hardware vendors) were incredibly patient and went the extra mile to explain their wares.

And the swag: I will not go naked for the next several years, thanks to all the shirts I received. Same with pens, stickers, software and just about everything one could imagine (including a “decision maker” from a Unix organization which works like a sort of hand-held Magic 8-ball).

I was feeling so good about the show that I restrained myself while talking to the Xandros guy (although I didn’t realize it was a Xandros booth, and interestingly enough, it wasn’t clear that the Xandros booth is the Xandros booth, but then you might not have to wonder why . . . .).

So to recap . . .

Good: Extremely helpful vendors everywhere I went; a wide variety of stuff to try out and write about (and if I weren’t so blitzed from walking around all day, I’d write about them now), and some really interesting sessions.

Bad: Not much to report here; there was nary a bad exhibit (even the Xandros mail server was interesting).

Indifferent: Unfortunately, I can’t go tomorrow, but I will be going through the bag inside the bag to test some of the stuff I picked up.

Watch this space.

(Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher of Open Source Reporter, is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.)

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