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The blog you have reached . . .

October 28, 2007

. . . is still in service.

A contemporary whom I admire and who will go unnamed (but he knows who he is) admonished me the other day for not updating my blog in a timely manner. Mea maxima culpa.

The thing is: I don’t blog unless I have something to say, however profound or trivial. So there may be days when I don’t post something, as many of you outside my family reading this blog might have noticed. But apparently, that’s not how things work in the blogosphere.

In the blogosphere, apparently, it’s not what you write, it’s how much you write. Of course, that’s why ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER.com is kicking blog butt.

So taking my contemporary’s advice, I am going to blog more often; once a week, twice or three times maybe. Heck, maybe I’ll just write every day. Rather than make profound observations, I’ll just list a grouping of ramblings tied together by the common thread of FOSS.


Burn Free . . . as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass . . . ahem, er, sorry. I get carried away sometimes. But one of several things that make me burst into song is the availability of FOSS from a free vending machine, a concept being implemented in South Africa and funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation (yeah, that Shttleworth). The Freedom Toaster is a machine that is a “conveniently located, self-contained, computer-based, ‘Bring ‘n Burn’ facility.” The Web page introduction continues: “Like vending machines, preloaded to dispense confectionery (Note: That’s “candy” to North Americans south of Canada and north of Mexico), Freedom Toasters are preloaded to dispense free digital products, including software, photography, music and literature.” Instructions on how to make a Freedom Toaster are also included. Great stuff. Now, who do I know with power tools I can borrow . . . ?

Hail to the Treasurer: After a process that made herding cats seem like an effortless cattle drive, Cabrillo College Linux Users Group (Cabrillo LUG) has finally been established. An organizational meeting was held on Oct. 24, and yours truly was elected treasurer by consensus. Cabrillo College is located in Aptos, Calif., in Santa Cruz County.

Open for business: I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. HeliOS Solutions West, a division of HeliOS Solutions in Austin, Texas, is up and running in the town of Felton just northeast of Santa Cruz, Calif. It’s located at the Felton Trading Post at 6396 Highway 9, Felton CA 95018. Phone: 831.335.7303.

[FSF Associate Member](Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher of Open Source and Free Software Reporter, is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.)

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