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More news, blues and reviews

February 17, 2008

Five to go: Alastair Otter of Tectonic has written an excellent article about five must-have programs for GNU/Linux. Two of them I can vouch for because, frankly, I swear by them — gFTP and Bluefish. Bluefish deserves special mention because while it’s an immensely powerful editor aimed toward programmers and Web designers, it’s still easy enough for newbs like, um, yours truly to use. I will have to give Inkscape a try.

Taking stock in New Zealand: Not to be outdone by the New York Stock Exchange, the New Zealand Stock Exchange is moving to a GNU/Linux platform for its settlement and clearing system, replacing its existing HP NonStop platform and applications in order to reduce cost and increase flexibility, reports Computerworld.

Free idea for fundraising: This is just a thought I had while drifting off to sleep a few days ago, and could very well attest to my waning sanity. But if I were to hold a GNU/Linux festival — listening, LinuxFest Northwest folks? — I’d have a booth at one end of the auditorium (away from everything else) at which I’d have chairs where people, for a buck or maybe more, could throw them. After throwing them, they would get a certificate saying “My chair-throwing abilities qualify me to be Microsoft’s CEO” or something along those lines. And maybe a thumb drive or other small prize could go to the person whose chair throwing talents made the chair go the furthest distance. Okay, it was just a thought . . . .

Shameless self-promotion: On Thursday, the membership who attended the Cabrillo College GNU/Linux Users Group elected me president for the Spring Term, and now the decision goes by e-mail vote to the entire membership. If you’re a Cabrillo College student and you have even the slightest interest in FOSS, I urge you to a.) get involved with the GLUG (that’s the sound “free beer” makes when you drink it), and b.) vote for the current slate of officers, which also includes Alexis Chen for vice president, Theodore Goodman for treasurer and Jon Colby for secretary.

My red Swingline gets a new home: When March comes in like a lion — as it’s supposed to — HeliOS Solutions West should be in new office space in Felton at the Felton Center. As you may recall, we were burned out of our offices when the Felton Trading Post caught fire back in November — Kelly and Melanie of the Trading Post have since moved up the street, but I have been working out of my home (which, of course, is sooooo endearing to my spouse). Film at 11.

[FSF Associate Member](Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher of Open Source and Free Software Reporter, is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.)

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