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August 9, 2010

One of the more peculiar items I find when checking my blog stats is that I still get hits for a blog item I wrote in 2008 — 2008 — about Microsoft’s 10-K report that year and how it implies how good the open source paradigm might be compared to its own software and its own business model.

Bear in mind that one of the purposes of a 10-K report — somewhat like the medical disclaimers you hear on drug commercials that, after listening to it, would make any normal person avoid the drug at all costs — is to outline any potential pitfall in buying stock in the company you’re considering so you can’t sue them if, well, the stock goes south; way south.

Why the blog item keeps getting hits is beyond me, but for those who keep reading it, thanks.

A brave man: My friend Steven Rosenberg, who writes a tech column for the Los Angeles Daily News, wades into uncharted territory in his column today, where he outlines dual-booting a Lenovo with Fedora and . . . wait for it . . . Windows 7. As always, Steven’s blogs are always informative and instructional, and the reasoning behind his using the Xfce spin of Fedora is something that hadn’t occurred to me before. Steven says in the blog that he “prefer(s) the Xfce tools over those in GNOME. I like the Thunar file manager, the way you can ‘minimize’ a window but keep it visible on the desktop, I like the look (and speed; these helper apps are super-quick) and functionality of the Xfce terminal and Mousepad text editor. The Xfce configuration apps all work great, and there are plenty of them.” Nice work, as always, Steven. Keep us posted on this dual-boot adventure.

Survey says: Ken Starks over at the Blog of HeliOS has a fairly interesting survey to be taken, if you have several minutes. Tell Ken how you use GNU/Linux or Linux and help him out.

Now, who wants more coffee?

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  1. Colonel Panik
    August 9, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Larry I am sure your blogs are among the most read in the world.

    Steve R, dual booting on an old coal powered Lenovo?
    What worries the Colonel is that Steve almost always gets the strange
    things to work. Oh wait, he has a new Lenovo? Who is this impostor?
    Folks, Steve is a highly consummate professional. Do not try these things
    on your own computer!

    Ken Starks is another kind of something else. If you look up the definition
    of iconoclast it will just say; Ken Starks. Here is this guy with a weird
    vision of computers for everyone. Every kid should have a computer and
    if you are a kid from a family who’s economic situation is south of affluent
    there is Ken with his posse of big hearted geeks, giving those kids a chance
    to participate in the 21st century.
    The Survey on Ken’s site was indeed painful. The old Colonel isn’t doing
    enough to promote FOSS. Software Freedom Day, Sept 18, Come on down
    to Portales, NM and help us out!

  2. August 9, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.

    Looking forward to reading more posts by you.


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