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Giving credit where it’s due: Part Deux

March 14, 2011

Linuxfest Northwest 2011 - April 30th-May 1st I’ll be there. You should be there, too.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog item where I talked about a couple of guys I forgot to mention in an interview with Linux Pro regarding the Lindependence 2008 project a few years ago.

Like butter, I am on a roll in the forgetfulness department because I also failed to mention another very important person that made Lindependence 2008 a success, and he should have been part of that blog.

That would be Frank Turner.

After a very successful career in business management, Frank retired from being a captain of industry — at least in Santa Cruz County — and put his efforts into promoting Linux and Free/Open Source Software. His efforts currently revolve around Web design, as well as developing a program where folks can easily make Web pages with little, or no, experience.

A few years ago, Frank helped with getting Lindependence 2008 off the ground and did the great signage for the event — taking the ad “Linux on Everything” and blowing it up so it could be seen on Highway 9 to guide people to the event.

Sorry, Frank, for forgetting to include you in this highly esteemed group of folks who make FOSS work here in Santa Cruz, as well as in the wider world. Thanks, too, for all you do.

[FSF Associate Member] (Fedora ambassador Larry Cafiero runs Redwood Digital Research in Felton, California, and is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation. He is also one of the founders of the Lindependence Project.)
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