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Debaters gonna debate

August 5, 2011

Yes, I know LinuxCon is next, and that’s in mid-August, but I think they’ve got the publicity thing covered, especially with the 20-year thing and with Linus being there and all. But if you’re going to the next show, make it the Ohio LinuxFest in September. Bradley Kuhn and Cathy Malmrose are keynoting, so you’ll not want to miss that (especially Cathy — Go ZaReason!)

For about a half-hour, I had a comment on my last blog saying simply, “Haters gonna hate.” I responded to it, but then later thought about it and took both of them down; not because of anything that was said on his part — I’m assuming it’s a “he,” but I don’t know for sure — nor was I unhappy with my response.

In fact, the comment by “Larry the Lamer” is textbook proof of what I mentioned in the first paragraph of my previous blog: If you don’t have a valid argument or contribution, say something stupid. The reason I had approved it was that I wanted to prove this point, but then it would be violating a policy I have regarding comments to this blog which I’ll talk about a little later.

Regardless, the real reason I took it down was because “Larry the Lamer” posted it with a fake e-mail address — @asswipe.org probably took a lot of thought. The IP number, if authentic, is somewhere in Belgium.

I have a simple policy here: You want to comment? Provide a valid name and a valid e-mail address and you’re in — if it’s your IRC nickname I’m good with that. As an aside, I had two great responses to a blog item about Debian several months ago, but because the folks who posted were “anonymous,” or something like it, they still sit in the queue, even after an e-mail asking them to repost with a real name.

I’m cool with being called names: I’ve been called much worse, chances are by better people, and in many instances to my face. I also don’t shy away from a debate, discussion or argument. But when I do take up an issue, I do it as me, with my name, without hiding behind some alias.

Debate is good and, more times than not, the end result is progress.

So “Larry the Lamer,” you think I’m lame? Get in line — a long one, more than likely — with a lot of other people. Want to try again using a real name and e-mail address? Go for it. Otherwise, have a nice life.

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[FSF Associate Member] (Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started developing software in his new home office. Watch this space.)
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  1. Bob McKeand
    August 7, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Colonel Panik approves the deletion of posts that have no
    real name or email address. /not sarcasm/

    The Free Software Guy and the Colonel had lunch together,
    LtFSG paid, thanks Larry. We know each others real names
    and such. But the cats that hide and take pot-shots at other
    people, and I mean at the people and not the posts, need to
    get out in the sun more.

    Larry is the easiest going guy I know, except for the 3 or 4
    thousand things that set him off. We all call him Mr. Mellow.

    Good blog here, good people, so be real or be gone.

    Peace, Bob

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