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Paul Venezia and Etienne Perot nail it

Well, I didn’t write this, but it bears repeating. In an InfoWorld blog item, Paul Venezia pretty much explains why the Amazon thing is not Ubuntu’s biggest problem. Rather than paraphrase, I’ll let you read it on your own:


Best quote: “But the biggest problem I have with the Amazon debacle is another comment by Shuttleworth: “Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with your data already.” That level of hubris from the founder of Ubuntu, in the face of what is clearly a bad idea badly implemented, should leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. If this idea can make it to the next Ubuntu release, then what other bad ideas are floating around? What’s next? Why should we maintain that trust?”


Further, and quoted in the blog above, Etienne Perot outlines what a mess this is — and how to get out of it — in a post from a few weeks ago here:


One of the solutions: See “Step 3: Make it opt-in, rather than opt-out”.

Canonical, white courtesy phone . . .

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Eliminate DRM!

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  1. Colonel Panik
    October 9, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

    Ubuntu almost has a strangle-hold on Linux, almost.
    I have a pure Debian install and there are Ubuntu components
    lurking in the repositories. The Colonel scratches his bald head.
    Here is a screenshot of my Debian Software Sources:
    Screenshot from 2012-10-09 08:55:15
    “Notify me of a new Ubuntu version” ???????
    I think not!
    That can be set to NEVER but never seems rather wimpy in light
    of what they are asking.

    My attempts at using a non apt based system have always failed,
    maybe I have to go back to school. There will be no as in none
    Ubuntu in my life. BTW I have given up on Mint and Mint Debian
    because they are too Ubuntu like.

    What are we going to do?

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