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Notes, quotes, and smotes

May 4, 2014

Sunday morning in Felton is abuzz, first with the Maker Market in the parking lot next to my apartment, complete with a lot of handcrafted items, face-painted children and the luxury — for me anyway — of listening to a great local band, the Coffis Brothers, from the cozy confines of the world’s rattiest, yet most comfortable, couch.

But enough of me and the beautiful day, let’s get back to the blog.

Projectus Interruptus: You have to hand it to Canonical. They paint an awesome — no, and inspirational — picture of what they plan to do, but when it comes to completing the projects? Well, the record there is, at best, spotty. Ubuntu for Android may follow Ubuntu TV as the latest not-ready-for-real-life project, according to an article in PC World. Well, at least they finished Ubuntu One before pulling the plug on this. By the way, has anyone heard anything recently about the smartphone-to-end-all-smartphones that Canonical tried to fund with an Indiegogo campaign?

Speaking of phones . . .
: I finally broke down and got a ZTE Open with Firefox OS on it. My first impressions are that it’s pretty spartan — and when I described it as such to the 20-something clerk at T-Mobile, I answered his blank stare with, “you know, spartan . . . It means austere” — though it works just fine. As I’ve said many times in this blog, I only want my phone to ring, hold a connection, and send/receive text messages; and the latter I could live with or live without. It clearly lacks the bells and whistles that my previous phone, a HTC G2 now handed down to my daughter, had with Android. But I expect this to be temporary as more programs are either developed or more apps are ported from Android and elsewhere. But for the moment, Firefox OS works and works well for my needs. Plus with the orange case with black trim, the ZTE Open phone is in the team colors of my beloved San Francisco Giants.

More on Heartbleed: Simon Phipps absolutely nailed it this week in an InfoWorld article about the OpenSSL’s “unique” license discouraging the necessary scrutiny to avert this crisis. The license in question was a hybrid that doesn’t really lend itself to community engagement, according to David Wheeler, an expert in government use of Open Source Software.

Said Wheeler: “I suspect that more code review and contributions would occur if OpenSSL used a standard widely used license … this awkward licensing situation means that many people who prefer the GPL or LGPL will often not help develop or audit OpenSSL. Some of those who prefer less-restrictive licenses may also be less inclined to help, because again, it is not a standard license.”

Interesting stuff. Anyway, we’ll see you next week.

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(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and develops business software at Redwood Digital Research, a consultancy that provides FOSS solutions in the small business and home office environment.)

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  1. Colonel Panik
    May 4, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Except for that “I have a phone” part it was a nice Sunday surprise.

    I don’t believe you have a phone. Post a picture or send me a #.

    Heartbleed or Heartbreaker for the the FOSS Community? None of the many and various
    licenses in the wild are perfect, many are a good start but none is perfect. I think that
    OpenSSL should be replaced with something that is a Community standard.

    LtFSG, why have you forsaken you large and loyal fans on IRC?

  2. Colonel Panik
    May 4, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    FSG, your post was a pleasant Sunday surprise. Except for that phone stuff. We all know
    very well where you stand on these phone issues. Post a pic or send me your #.

    Heartbleed or Heartbreaker for the FOSS Community.
    Thanks for that link on this, great article. None of the Open Source licenses are
    perfect… that is something that needs fixing.

    LtFSG, Why have you forsaken your large and loyal fans on IRC?

    • May 4, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      I will be back on IRC soon. Looking for gainful employment is a royal pain.

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